Building a strong community association, and an amazing neighbourhood, requires the diverse skills and talents of community residents. Please consider how you can volunteer, donate or become a member.

Become a Member

We rely upon your membership (individuals, families, strata and businesses) as part of the necessary funding to create programs and services that we would like to offer in our community.
An annual membership entitles you to:

  • Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting
  • Receipt of our Society’s Annual Report
  • Invitations to community events


A financial contribution can be used to help make our community a better place to live, play and work.

You or your organization can support the Society and its goals by providing a one-time or monthly donation to help cover the costs of tools like websites, advocacy and events.


The success of our organization comes from the talent of dedicated volunteers who contribute their passion, knowledge, skills, ideas and time. Residents are encouraged to become actively involved in many different initiatives that build a stronger community.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help collaboratively advance community interests, connect to and better understand the issues in our neighbourhood, meet a new group of people and make new friends, and enjoy a sense of fulfillment by helping make Greater Yaletown a strong and vibrant community for all.

Please browse the website to see what areas interest you. Once you have found your area of interest, fill out the Volunteer Application Form. Volunteers will be contacted and an orientation will be arranged with an existing member.