The major issues that the organization is focused on include the following:

Public Safety

Safety includes a broad range of topics. For example, this working group is concerned with ensuring our neighbourhoods are safe from crime and abusive behaviour. We are also looking at how to reduce accidents to pedestrians by vehicles and bicycles at intersections and along bike paths.

This group is the prime interface with the Vancouver Police Department.

Parks and Sanitation

Parks are meeting places for all citizens of Greater Yaletown. These are valued and welcome green spaces in our highly urbanized environment.

This working group is looking at how to increase parks and amenities, but also how to preserve what already exists. This includes keeping our parks welcoming and free of drug paraphernalia, trash and pet waste. Secondary issues include exploring ways to keep our sidewalks and alleyways clean. 

Zoning and Land Use

Housing affordability is a hot topic. This working group is exploring how to keep Greater Yaletown, and the broader downtown core, from becoming a temporary home just for  globe-trotting millionaires.

Local residents, and critical workers, need homes in the community that they can afford to purchase or rent. Businesses also need to be able to have an affordable premise to conduct commerce. We do not want to see neighbourhoods hollowed out and losing their character.

Family Friendliness

Greater Yaletown is where many young couples start their families. In addition to exploring how to make the community more family friendly through fun activities, amenities and other initiatives, this working group is actively engaged in seeking additional childcare spaces and pushing for another elementary school in the downtown core.


This working group is looking at how to reduce traffic congestion, improve parking, and increasing charging stations for electric vehicles.

Other areas of concern include the impact of the removal of the via ducts.

Social Services

Greater Yaletown has a diverse population from various economic segments. This working group is looking at how social housing needs can be increased along with stronger support services for barriered individuals or those battling addiction.

If you would like to get involved in one of the working groups, please volunteer via our Volunteer Application Form.