The Greater Yaletown Community Association works very closely with its own neighbours to coordinate on issues and concerns of residents and topics that span Vancouver communities.

False Creek Residents Association (FCRA)

The False Creek Residents Association, founded in 2005, is a volunteer-run neighbourhood group dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone that lives around and visits False Creek—the heart of the city of Vancouver.

West End Neighbours (WEN)

West End Neighbours, founded in 2009, has the goal to enhance and celebrate the quality of life, the distinct, diverse character and the heritage of the West End, a livable neighbourhood between downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. WEN accomplishes this by influencing policy decisions and ensuring change is based on evolving community needs, is neighbourly and respectful and reflects relevant and timely engagement with residents.

Crosstown Residents (CR)

Crosstown Residents, founded in 2011, represents one of Vancouver’s newest neighbourhoods located between Yaletown, Downtown, Chinatown and False Creek. Their goal is to work with the City of Vancouver and partners to create a livable community.

Chinatown Action Group (CAG)

The Chinatown Action Group, founded in 2016, to address issues in one of Vancouver’s oldest heritage neighbourhoods. One of their main goals is to protect the history and residents of Chinatown so that populations are not marginalized. A desired outcome is more low-income housing and seniors housing.

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

All of these organizations collaborate in the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods. The CVN includes twenty-seven community and residents’ associations, covering almost the entire City of Vancouver, who have joined together with the specific purpose of demanding a more respectful relationship between the City and the communities.